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Global Ink is one of the leaders in remanufacturing ink and laser toner cartridges in Ireland. We pride ourselves on producing the highest quality refilled and remanufactured cartridges in the country..

We are one of the only remanufacturing specialists based in Ireland producing 90% of all cartridges in Waterford, thus insuring the highest quality components are used in our process, in fact, we only use one ink supplier, as quality vibrant colours are of up most importance, but most of all we have some of the best prices on offer any where in the country, this is why we are so successful, best price, best service, best quality.

Best Value Products in Ireland

Laser toner cartridges are where businesses make the real savings, certain cartridges can be over €200 euro per cartridge and a machine may require four cartridges that’s €800 euro, when you remanufacture with Global Ink we can save you around €400 of that straight away with out compromising on print quality. Companies trust us with there cartridges as we have been providing cartridges for the last 6 years from Waterford, they also know there cartridges are produced in Ireland with the highest quality components.

The next question is, what cartridges do we remanufacture and refill and what is the price?cartridges we refill include HP, DELL, CANON, OKI, EPSON, BROTHER, KONICA, LEXMARK, KODAK, XEROX, SAMSUNG and many more. For price all you need do is fill in our quick quote form, on the main page and we will e-mail your quote by next day, including free post options and page yields. Our motto is “Think Global buy Local”

For this reason it is very difficult for other on line competitors to compete with us for page yield and print quality. Companies that sell Chinese imported cartridges have major problems with poor quality ink, dried up cartridges in there boxes(as these cartridges can be warehoused for up to a year before reaching there customers)We here at Global Ink refill cartridges on the same day our customers order, thus insuring fresh crisp printing.

Online shop is open for business

Our Ink cartridges

Ink cartridges in particular in recent years have become a problem for consumers, as the original manufactures put less and less ink and toner into there cartridges, We at Global Ink have revered that trend, where we can, we fill our ink cartridges to over 300% more ink in certain cases and still only charging half the price of the original, This is done by opening and physically removing the barriers that prevents this. Other cartridges we fill to 200% more, 100% more entirely depending on the manufacturers and printer ink model.

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