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About Us

Global Ink is one of the leaders in remanufacturing ink and laser toner cartridges in Ireland. We pride ourselves on producing the highest quality replacement cartridges in the country..

We are one of the only remanufacturing specialists based in Ireland producing 90% of all cartridges in Waterford, thus insuring the highest quality components are used in our process, in fact, we only use one ink supplier, as quality vibrant colours are of up most importance, but most of all we have some of the best prices on offer any where in the country, Best price, best service, best quality.

Best value products in Ireland

Highest Industry Standards

After 15 years of experience and expertise. Our premium level cartridges deliver a performance unequaled in the aftermarket Industry.

Our cartridges are developed using the (APQP) process, a system developed to maintain reliable quality in the automotive industry. Quality tests are conducted to ensure that our cartridges deliver superior performance no matter the weather, climate, or humidity of the printer’s location. Comparative testing of OEM and other aftermarket offerings are a critical part of our APQP standard. That data guides us when setting performance requirements for our cartridges to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations.

Our cartridges are assembled using the most advanced techniques to deliver optimal performance. Each component, microchip, toner, and ink goes through rigorous quality control processes and is system-matched. Those cartridges are tested again through their own demanding program of quality assurance. This unequaled approach allows us to control every step of production to meet the highest quality standards.

Experience Dependable and Personal Support


Ink cartridges in particular in recent years have become a problem for consumers, as the original manufacturers cut down on ink volumes inside their cartridges.
We, at Global Ink have reversed that trend, where we can depending on printer models. We fill our ink cartridges to full capacity and still only charging half the price of the original. This is done by opening and physically removing the barriers that prevent this.In best case scenario, we have
provided replacement cartridges with up to 300% more ink.